Free eBook Feature: The Golden Ashfruit

Free Kindle eBook: The Golden Ashfruit
Author: A.L. Harris
Genre: Fantasy (Young Adult, Epic)
Price: $0.00 (February 14 to 16)

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Free eBook Feature: The Golden Ashfruit by A.L. Harris

Book Description ~ The Golden Ashfruit
For Princess Mab, protection means power. As the most powerful faerie in existence, she is powerless to save her Lumen Court when its time runs out. Challenged from all sides, she is forced to court Freyr—an alluring and reluctant Vanir god sent from his world to marry her.

When Mab and Freyr unite against increasing betrayal and murder among the headstrong faerie kingdoms, an ancient prophecy plunges them into chaos with the catastrophic results threatening to tear them apart.

But Freyr is determined to save Mab from an unstoppable force that would lead her deeper into shadows and madness, even if it means losing the one thing that would save her court…and her life.
4.8 out of 5 stars rating on Amazon. :)

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