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Free Kindle eBook ~ New Baby, New You: The Need to Know Guide to Postnatal Health and Happiness
Author: Deborah Beard
Parenting, Motherhood, Health and Fitness
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Book Description ~ New Baby, New You: The Need to Know Guide to Postnatal Health and Happiness
Free eBook Feature: New Baby, New You by Deborah Beard

Getting back into shape, both physically and mentally, after giving birth can seem like an uphill battle as you juggle your recovery with the demands of life as a new mum. Fitness instructor and personal trainer Deborah Beard's new guide, published by the UK's leading health, fitness and wellbeing charity, Central YMCA, looks to simplify this challenge through simple, informative advice and guidance. A new mum herself, Deborah explains the changes your body has been through and the steps you need to take to strengthen those muscles affected through pregnancy and birth, as well as detailing the best types of exercise to lose baby weight, improve your overall fitness and boost your mental wellbeing.

Qualified through the UK's longest established fitness training provider - YMCA Fitness Industry Training - Deborah specialises in antenatal and postnatal exercise and, working as a tutor for YMCAfit, has upskilled hundreds of personal trainers in the specific exercise needs and requirements of pregnant and postnatal women.

While New Baby, New You: The Need to Know Guide to Postnatal Health and Wellbeing is the result of years of training and practice, Deborah's approach to the subject of postnatal exercise and wellbeing is relevant to all mums and this informative book requires no pre-existing knowledge or experience of the subject matter. It's a simple, easy to follow guide for mums at all levels of fitness. Whether you ran marathons before your birth, or just enjoyed a good walk, Deborah's universal style and top tips will help you to get back to your old self and to make the most of your new life as a mum.
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