Free eBook Feature: Nine Lives

Free Kindle eBook: Nine Lives
Author: Nhys Glover
Genre: Romance (Time Travel)
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Book Description: Nine Lives

Free eBook Feature: Nine Lives by Nhys Glover

When a handsome young man, claiming to be three hundred years old, offers Cara a chance at a new life in his future utopian world, she considers she has two options – back away cautiously, or try to help the obviously deluded stranger.

Because it comes naturally to a teacher of autistic kids to help, Cara decides to take the second option. By doing so, she unwittingly opens herself up to a passionate new love in an unimaginable new world, where clones extend lifespans, and time travel is used to repopulate a decimated human population.

To Jac, Cara appears to be the ideal target for Retrieval – a worthy, productive human being. But when her free-thinking individualism begins to clash with his peaceful, highly regulated world, he has to rethink his priorities. How much is he willing to change to keep this loving, beautiful woman in his life? And, more importantly, is he prepared to break the rules that define their very existence to stay with her?
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