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Author: Adrian White
Literary Fiction
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Free eBook Feature: Three Novels by Adrian White

Book Description: Three Novels
Adrian White's first three novels collected together in a single edition.

An Accident Waiting to Happen
A young woman disappears. Her partner Gregory, under suspicion from the police of having done her harm, is left to care for her son Tomas from a previous relationship. The race is on for Gregory to find the woman he loves before the authorities take Tomas away.
How far would you go to protect the ones you love?

Where the Rain Gets In
Katie, a successful investment banker and media commentator, self-harms each morning before work. Nice Guy Mike - the only man she ever allowed get close to her - steps out of her past and back into her life, unearthing secrets and memories that long lay buried in the Arizona desert. She finds herself on a surprising emotional and physical journey, one that may change her perfect life forever - if she lets it.
"There was a numbness in these old scars that meant her skin had lost its sense of touch (wasn't that the point?), but it hurt her inside, in her tummy it seemed, and only on really bad days would she deliberately open old sores. But most days, and this was one of those days, just a little nick of a reminder would do."
The price we pay for the life we make.

Dancing to the End of Love
A love story for the times we live in.
"I live in Pisa with Maria. She's the reason that I'm here. Maria Gabriela Carbone - an Italian Scot, or a Scottish Italian, depending on her moods, which are many and extreme. Carrier of a gene that will kill her sooner rather than later, so we forgive the mood swings. We forgive her because she is what she is - everything to me and everything that I'm not. No doubt she'd tell me that she's not mine to forgive and I'd agree, but forgive her anyway."
A man is arrested and held without trial as part of the War on Terror. A woman pays out a fortune to persuade the father of her child not to contest his parental rights. An Italian girl with Cystic Fibrosis cuts herself off from her family and yet fears she'll die alone.
Many lives; one true love.
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