Free eBook Feature: Your Gift to Me

Free Kindle eBook: Your Gift to Me
Authors: Bonnie Bartel Latino & Bob Vale
Genre: Romance (Contemporary)
Price: $0.00 (February 14)

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Free eBook Feature: Your Gift to Me by Bonnie Bartel Latino & Bob Vale

Book Description ~ Your Gift to Me

This military love story touches hearts and is filled with unexpected twists . . .

Emotionally scarred years after her husband died in a fiery Special Operations helicopter crash, Air Force widow Emily Ann Meade clings to her vow never to get involved with another man committed to a dangerous profession ... until she meets F-16 pilot, Colonel Ted Foley in Hawaii. Although they are mutually attracted, the charismatic widower's fighter wing in Japan recently lost two pilots in unexplained air crashes.

Allowing her mind to wander through fields of dreams on which she can't afford the emotional mortgage, Emily lowers her barriers. She discovers Ted's greatest virtue: he makes the ordinary feel sacred. Healing in shared confidences solidifies their bond. When another crash ignites her fears, the relationship shatters.

Unless Emily finds a path through her emotional minefields, she risks never discovering she is rejecting the only type of man to whom she is genuinely attracted, a man who leads by example and from the front.

And that man's life could be in danger!
5.0 out of 5 stars rating on Amazon - 137 reviews :D Cool beans! Download now.

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