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Author: Mathew Reuther
Urban Fantasy / Police Procedural
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Free eBook Feature: Noon High (Dire Calls 2) by Mathew Reuther

Book Description: Noon High (Dire Calls 2)
After a year on the Job in Homicide Squad, Detective Third Class Griffon Dire is up for promotion. All that remains to be seen is if the review board signs off on a bump to second class. Yet Dire soon discovers that simple interviews are often anything but...

Detective First Class Hargold Thief, Dire's partner, is waiting with a case as Griffon emerges from the grueling interrogation. The call leads to the scene of a brutal, bloody murder complete with a vindictive sexual overtone.

Dire and Thief have an idea of who killed their victim, but the question is: why? In the end, seeking the answer to that question will cost Griffon more than he expects as he discovers that some motives for murder seem far too reasonable...
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Day Breaks (Dire Calls 1) by Mathew Reuther is also FREE on Amazon (February 25, 26, 27 and 28). Download both books now! :D 

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