Bargain eBook Feature: The President is No More

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Bargain eBook Feature: The President is No More by Olga Toprover

Author: Olga Toprover
Genre: Science Fiction
Kindle Price: $0.99 (March 19 - indefinitely)
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Book Description: The President is No More
In a future where progress is accelerating beyond humanity’s ability to keep pace, the Humanists are trying to live in harmony with nature and avoid the advancing technology. One night, a fire destroys Kingstown – the Humanist settlement on the West Coast. As details of the tragedy emerge, outrage sweeps the Unites States, putting President Bill Freeman’s reelection prospects in doubt.

Negotiator Mia Arc faces a challenge of a lifetime when she’s asked to defend Humanist rights in the face of growing controversy. As she investigates the tragedy, she finds more questions than answers. Who is responsible for the tragedy? Did robots have something to do with it? And is anybody really who they say they are in this cyber-enhanced, nano-technological, unnatural world? 

Mia doesn’t know if she can answer those questions. She is not influential. She is not powerful. She is just an ordinary woman…
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