Free eBook Feature: Cretaceous Clay and the Black Dwarf

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Free eBook Feature: Cretaceous Clay and the Black Dwarf by Dana Alan Knight

Book Description: Cretaceous Clay and the Black Dwarf
“An epidemic of missing dwarves plagued Nodlon. Every dwarf feared for his life, and everyone else thought the dwarves ran away to escape the hopelessness of living life under a contract. But the Dragon Lord and his greatest servant, Nimrod had crossed time and space to invade our world. Nimrod possessed a hapless dwarf snared by temptation and he became the Black Dwarf. The wicked warlock kidnapped dwarves, mesmerized them, and turned them into an army of zombies to serve the Dragon’s will.”

“Jack, who are you talking to?”

“Shush, Shotgun, I’m explaining our adventure to the Gentle Readers.”

“To stem the tide of runaway dwarves, the Princess of Nodlon resolved to free the dwarves and recruited Cretaceous Jack Clay, celebrity elf and magician extraordinaire, to help her raise support. But before anyone could cry, ‘Biots are people too,’ Nodlon Yard discovered the constellation of Capricorn on the vid screen of a missing dwarf maiden drawn in blood. Inspector Lestrayed called upon his friend, Jack Clay, an amateur sleuth and expert on the paranormal to help solve the mystery. Freedom had to wait while Jack Clay hunted a pair of foes older than history. So began the strange and quirky odyssey of Clay, Jack Clay.”

“Laying it on a bit thick aren’t you? You’re not the only who saved Nodlon! Tell them about me.”
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