Free eBook Feature ~ Ghost Diaries 1: Gigi's Guardian

Free Kindle eBook ~ Ghost Diaries 1: Gigi's Guardian
Author: Michele McGrath
Genre: Fantasy (Paranormal)
Price: $0.00 (March 23, 24 and 25)

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Free eBook Feature: Ghost Diaries 1: Gigi's Guardian by Michele McGrath

Book Description ~ Ghost Diaries 1: Gigi's Guardian
“I never thought I’d make history after I was dead,” says Ariane, when she agrees to become Gigi’s Guardian. (Guardian Angel isn’t P.C. because she’s no angel!)

Ariane has always kept a diary and sees no reason to stop just because she is now a ghost. She has recently arrived in Heaven after dying on the operating table. Out sightseeing, she peers through a portal into the real world and discovers the love of her life in bed with her best friend. Fuming and dreadfully unhappy, Ariane badly needs something to takeher mind off her troubles. She does not want to stay in Heaven and she hopes that having a demanding job will provide the distraction she needs. So she is delighted when she is offered the position and is very interested in her new client.

Gigi is a young girl with a mixed race background living in Swinging Sixties London, an era which Ariane has always wanted to visit. Gigi needs her help at this moment of her life because she is about to make a decision which will have world changing consequences.

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