Free eBook Feature: Joel Osteen - Christian Knight or Christian Lite

Free Kindle eBook: Joel Osteen - Christian Knight or Christian Lite
Author: Elmo Adams
Religion Biography, Leadership
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Book Description: Joel Osteen - Christian Knight or Christian Lite 

Free eBook Feature: Joel Osteen - Christian Knight or Christian Lite

Joel Osteen is a well known public figure. He can be found on many network and cable television stations. That said, the author had no knowledge of the Pastor Osteen until he happened to see him interviewed on a well known television magazine program.

Usually television preachers on this type show can expect a diet of "gotcha" type of questions. So the author settled in to watch and figured he knew what was coming. Well, there were not many of those type questions and the ones tossed were fielded with calm and ease by Pastor Osteen.

The author was somewhat surprised at what he had seen. So, after the program he started doing some research. This research revealed that the Osteen was the pastor of the biggest church in America. He was loved by a multitude. His books sold very well.

But, oddly, it seemed to the author, a good amount of people could not stand the minister. They had a lot of things bad to say about him - some that, to be honest, seemed a bit over the top.

So, what was this all about? The author wanted to know more. He did investigation and inquiry. The result of the former is this short, easy reading book.
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