Free eBook Feature: Other Lives

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Free eBook Feature: Other Lives by Ann Pearlman

Author: Ann Pearlman
Illustrated short story for adults
Price: $0.00 (March 26, 27 and 28)

Book Description: Other Lives
Other Lives presents a new genre: an illustrated short story for adults.  In it, a child leads her mother on a journey into a magical and terrifying past. Touching and sensitive, Other Lives sustains dreams and fears while the collage images encourage enchantment and the remembrance of childhood moments.

While writing, Ann sees scenes playing out in her mind’s eye. Combining pictures with the narrative was her way to share some of her images while words flowed.  Fascinated with the differences in similarities of how the mind processes reading, viewing art, and reading graphic novels,  Other Lives is her first experiment with combining her love of writing and art, and contains the thrill of illustrations we loved in books as kids with narratives slated for adults. 
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Other Lives

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