Free eBook Feature: Pros(e)

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Free eBook Feature: Pros(e)

Authors: LD Sorrow, Josh Ryley, Essence Revealed, Dominick, Marcia Chase, Veronica Vera, Aimme Herman, Anna Saini, Dana Wright
Editor: Melissa Petro
Genre: Memoir
Price: $0.00 (March 9 and 10 only)

Book Description: Pros(e)
There are as many truths about the sex trade as there are people who participate in it. In this new collection of creative nonfiction, people who’ve tangled with the sex industry write about the complications that arise in the mix of sex and money. From the accounts of love and loss, occupational hazards and tricks of the trade to personal stories of hope, resistance and survival, Pros(e) is a fiery collection of narratives by people who have walked the walk, and are now telling their tales.

The contributions in the book were written by the participants of the Red Umbrella Project’s first Becoming Writers Workshop, which took place in Fall 2012.
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