Free eBook Feature: The Rock That Was Afraid to Swim, Part Four

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Author: Piso Mojado
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Free eBook Feature: The Rock That Was Afraid to Swim, Part Four

Book Description: The Rock That Was Afraid to Swim, Part Four
Certainly I am skeptical about the occurrence of Armageddon on March 15th, although I can certainly envision the entire human race going "crackers" or "cookies" at that time. We're currently collectively not far from that destination, are we?  If Armageddon occurs, I'm going to be angry because I wasn't out having fun instead of wasting hundreds of hours on a piece that didn't save humanity.  On the other hand, if we do survive the Ides, then I have been another Rocky who let the world know that the Rocky faith wants to institute worldwide peace and happiness through universal humility. What could be more necessary to our era?  So I am sincerely hoping that we human beings are still here on March 16th.  "The Rock That Was Afraid to Swim, Part Four" explains the Rocky belief system to the non-Rocky. You will be shocked and pleasantly surprised. Rocky the rock thought is brilliant and logical, and the Rocky practitioner does not need to relinquish any of his or her previous beliefs. Learning the Rocky faith is easy.  And Rocky the rock intensifies and gives a sensible framework to every variety of politics, religion, and philosophy.
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