Free eBook Feature: Run, River Currents

Free Kindle eBook: Run, River Currents 
Author: Ginger Marcinkowski
Historical Fiction
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Free eBook Feature: Run, River Currents by Ginger Marcinkowski

Book Description ~ Run, River Currents 
As the last of the mourners departed the ornate Catholic Church, Emily entered a side door unnoticed, walked to the coffin, and punched her dead father in the face. “You’ll never be dead enough,” she whispered. “Never.”

Determined to recover from the hands of a father who sexually abused her and an emotionally distant mother, twenty-seven-year-old Emily Evans seeks the peace she’d lost in her youth. Yet, shattered by the betrayal of those she was taught to respect and love, she fears that she may never overcome the devastating effects of generations of abuse. Will she ever let herself truly open up to the power of unconditional love?

Set in the rich backwoods of New Brunswick, Canada, Run, River Currents is inspired by a true story of abuse, pain, and the struggle to find healing and forgiveness.
4.5 out of 5 stars rating on Amazon - 34 reviews. Check it out now. Don't forget to download :D   

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