Free eBook Feature: The Sity

Free Kindle eBook: The Sity
Author: Curran Geist
Genre: Science Fiction, Horror, Thriller
Price: $0.00 (March 3 and 4)

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Free eBook Feature: The Sity by Curran Geist

Book Description ~ The Sity
In this action-packed science fiction tale of survival and vengeance, two young humans seek to fight back against the oppression of an alien race, the Kuljik, who rule the realm. Dangers and unspeakable horrors lie around all corners of the Sity; a harsh, violent place where humans are freaks and “toys” for the pleasure of the aliens. Victor and Carina – both blessed with mysterious powers – represent humanity’s best hope to escape. But to do so, they must first overcome their personal demons to unravel the mysteries of their past and forge the destiny of their futures.

Victor, whose memory is damaged from months of torture and enslavement, searches for his lost family. Carina, haunted by strange visions, seeks to discover her true identity. Through their adventures, they learn that sometimes the truth should remain buried. Sometimes the only solution is kill or be killed.

Can friendships, community, and even love survive in the darkest of worlds?

Dreams are dashed, nightmares are realized, and vengeance is dealt in this novel by author Curran Geist.
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