Free eBook Feature: Solving Religion with Logic

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Author: Paul Kasch
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Free eBook Feature: Solving Religion with Logic by Paul Kasch

Book Description: Solving Religion with Logic
Can a religious truth be logically proven, or is religion forever relegated to being a matter of blind faith? If there is a true religion, shouldn’t we be able to prove it by now, using scientific data and higher mathematics? This is exactly what Paul Kasch sets out to do in his latest work. The reader is invited to follow along in the investigation process as we:

• Establish an unbiased, neutral mindset

• Look around at the environment we find ourselves living in, and attempt to solve the question of our existence

• Gather the world’s major religions, logically arrange and dissect them, and require them to present demonstrable truth of their claims

This book would not exist if the quest failed. Using nothing more than the reasoning prowess we are all born with, a solitary (yet timeless) religious truth emerges as the equation of the only sound logical argument capable of producing such a thing. Use your head for something other than a hat rack and join the author on an intellectual journey which renders all other pursuits trivial by comparison.

This eBook has been professionally edited and is specially formatted for all Kindle devices. We promise a smooth and enjoyable electronic reading experience, including a click-able table of contents. Download this gem today and solve the question of religion once and for all in your own life.
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