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Free eBook Feature: Three Days of Swine and Roses

Hello lovelies! Are you ready to download free eBooks today? Well, check out my Free eBook Feature posts including this one. Let's take a look at Three Days of Swine and Roses by Vladimir Brusiloff Jr.

Free Kindle eBook: Three Days of Swine and Roses
Author: Vladimir Brusiloff Jr.
Genre: Mystery (Cozy, Humorous)
Price: $0.00 (March 8, 9 and 10)

Book Description: Three Days of Swine and Roses
Free eBook Feature: Three Days of Swine and Roses by Vladimir Brusiloff Jr.

God is love, but love – at times – moves in even more mysterious ways.

If it should happen that your road to the altar is not strewn with roses, but looks more like the primrose path to the everlasting bonfire, be ready for anything. Because love can demand anything from you. For example, to fight fire-breathing dragons and save princesses.

Or – as in this case – to fight evildoers and save Royal Dandie pot-bellied mini-pigs.

When he found two strange mini-pigs in his apartment, his first thought was “What the hell?”. Hell was in fact not far away, only a few hours drive to the south of Moscow, Russia. Already by midday, he (and the pigs) would be there, in a gloomy castle owned by a malevolent Russian professor, who looks like a close relative of Satan.

An inheritance of 50 million Euros is at stake, so nobody is safe. The entire castle is enmeshed in a web of sinister plots and filled with all kinds of crooks who would stop at nothing to get their hands on the filthy lucre. Their modus operandi is “an eye for an eye and a swine for a swine”, and the two little pigs are sure to become one huge problem there.

By evening, he will be on the brink of defeat: confused, devastated and blackmailed. There is nowhere else to retreat, even his forthcoming marriage is under threat. When the first stars appear in the sky, he decides to fight the good fight – for justice, for wedding bells and for mini-pigs.

And the first tough question to answer will be: Who did it, if there is no butler?
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