Free eBook Feature: Undercover Truths - Undercover Lies

Free Kindle eBook: Undercover Truths - Undercover Lies
Author: Stephen H. King
Genre: Science Fiction, Fantasy
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Book Description: Undercover Truths - Undercover Lies

Free eBook Feature: Undercover Truths - Undercover Lies by Stephen H. King

Undercover Truths / Undercover Lies'two stories in one:

Undercover Truths

The Governor is a private but powerful man, which makes his sudden advances toward the young technophile running his station even more surprising to everyone, including her. Was it just the initial attack on the station that brought them together, or something else?

In Undercover Truths, the much-requested science fiction prequel to CATACLYSM: Return of the Gods, readers are introduced to Stacy, the woman who captures the heart of the God of War for the very first time. Will they succeed in stopping the attacks and preventing a meltdown in the North American colony? Will they ever learn who is behind the attacks?

Undercover Lies

Matt, the God of War, and Stacy, the mortal known as the Green Witch, are married, though 'happily' doesn't seem to be in the cards. Stacy, helped by the god who later takes the name Apollo, amuses herself by waging her own private war against a nation known as the Amiotrites.

In this second installment to the prequel for the Return of the Gods series follow Stacy, the Green Witch, in her battles. Will she win the war? Will her struggles save her marriage to the God of War or tear it apart?
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