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Author: Lexi Taylor
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Free eBook Feature: What Do Men Really Want by Lexi Taylor

Book Description: What Do Men Really Want
It’s that time again: The dreaded first date. You have high hopes and expectations, but guess what? So does the lucky man who gets to spend time with you. He has a lot of dreams and hopes for the evening, and not all of them – contrary to popular belief! – end with getting you in bed. 

In fact, let’s debunk that little myth right now, shall we? 

If a man is taking you out on a bona-fide date, the odds are that he wouldn’t turn down sex on the first date, but he’s not expecting it, either. A man who simply wants to get you into bed and nothing more will probably skip the first date altogether and try to find a woman who wants the same things he wants, to simply “scratch an itch” and be done with it. And let’s be honest: Friends with benefits and one-night stands are easy to come by for most guys. 

But a man who takes you out on a date, takes the time to wine and dine you, and makes a point of getting to know you is a man who probably will be okay with nothing more than a sweet goodnight kiss at the end of the evening.
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