Free eBook Feature: Yoga Benefits Are in Breathing Less

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Author: Artour Rakhimov
Health, Yoga
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Free eBook Feature: Yoga Benefits Are in Breathing Less by Artour Rakhimov

Book Description: Yoga Benefits Are in Breathing Less
Yoga benefits, as old yoga texts teach, are in breathing less air 24/7, even less than the small medical respiratory norm. Then one can expect more oxygen in the body cells and experience amazing benefits from real yoga. Millions of people think that yoga is about more and more difficult asanas orspiritual enlightenment. However, one can practice asanas for many years, but this does not guarantee any health improvements.

Furthermore, you can eat tons of supplements and most popular super-foods, drink canisters of special herbal drinks, have hundreds of colonic irrigations, and do yoga for hours per day. However, if your body oxygen content remains unchanged, you will suffer from the same symptoms and require the same medication. You can also have years of spiritual practices while getting sicker and sicker with heart disease, cancer, or other conditions.

This book provides numerous quotes from ancient yoga books, as well as dozens of clinical studies, which show the way to increase body oxygenation naturally: by breathing slower and less.
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