Free eBook Feature: You Cheated On Me With THAT?!

Free Kindle eBook: You Cheated On Me With THAT?!
Author: Ima Shrew
Genre: Non Fiction (Marriage, Relationships)
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Free eBook Feature: You Cheated On Me With THAT?! by Ima Shrew

Book Description ~ You Cheated On Me With THAT?!
I'm just going to say it: As sholes that cheat on their spouse should be shot. There are millions of stories out there about infidelity. The heart break and agonizing pain that one feels when betrayed by a loved one is astounding. Once infidelity is discovered by a loved one, all hell breaks loose. Families are torn apart and some never recover. Some of the betrayed walk away, some seek revenge and some stick it out and stay, trying to recover and fixing who or what was broken.

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