Free eBook Feature ~ Zelda Pryce: The Razor's Edge (Book 1)

Free Kindle eBook ~ Zelda Pryce: The Razor's Edge (Book 1)
Author: Joss Llewelyn
Contemporary Fantasy
Price: $0.00 (March 13 to 17)

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Free eBook Feature: Zelda Pryce: The Razor's Edge (Book 1) by Joss Llewelyn

Book Description ~ Zelda Pryce: The Razor's Edge (Book 1)
Brilliant young inventor Zelda Pryce creates beautiful machines using the arcane sciences (don't call them magic!), including her fairy-like wings and a leather jacket that makes her invisible to cameras. But when she sneaks into the British Museum in London, she stumbles onto an international conspiracy to destroy all the arcane devices in the world.

With the help of a daring French alchemist and a charming English riskbender, Zelda races across the continent from dazzling cathedrals to ancient castles to stop a radical librarian from using the most deadly sword ever forged.

Welcome to a world where a Chekhov Gun is a revolver with a mind of its own, a Diogenes Lantern makes people tell the truth, and Occam's Razor is the most dangerous knife in history. At least it was, until a mad scientist made a sharper one.

The Zelda Pryce trilogy of arcane adventures:
Book 1: The Razor's Edge
Book 2: The Clockwork Girl
Book 3: The Demon Hunt

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