Free eBook Feature: Bitter Oath (New Atlantis Book 5)

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Author: Nhys Glover
Genre: Romance (Regency, Time Travel)
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Free eBook Feature: Bitter Oath (New Atlantis Book 5) by Nhys Glover

Book Description: Bitter Oath (New Atlantis Book 5)
Rene was a French Canadian ecologist before the Last Great Plague. Now he is a time travelling researcher who spends whole lifetimes with his Obejwe ancestors collecting data on all the planet has lost.

A legend leads him to Regency England where he meets the blue stocking granddaughter of a famous Naturalist, and he falls in love for the first time in nearly 800 years. But history has Livianna Mulgrave dying in a riding

accident 4 months after he meets her. And the past cannot be changed.

Liv never planned to marry, preferring the freedom of spinsterhood. But a handsome and mysterious stranger leads her into an incomprehensible future world where everything is possible - except escaping her fate.
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