Free eBook Feature: Apart From Love

Free Kindle eBook: Apart From Love
Author: Uvi Poznansky
Contemporary Romance, Family Saga
Price: $0.00 (May 10 and 11 only)

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Free eBook Feature: Apart From Love by Uvi Poznansky

Book Description ~ Apart From Love
Written with passionate conviction, this story is being told by two of its characters: Ben, a twenty-seven years old student, and Anita, a plain-spoken, spunky, uneducated redhead, freshly married to Lenny, his aging father. Behind his back, Ben and Anita find themselves increasingly drawn to each other. They take turns using an old tape recorder to express their most intimate thoughts, not realizing at first that their voices are being captured by him. 

Meanwhile, Lenny is trying to keep a secret from both of them: his ex-wife, Ben's mother, a talented pianist, has been stricken with an early-onset alzheimer. Taking care of her gradually weighs him down. What emerges in these characters is a struggle, a desperate, daring struggle to find a path out of conflicts, out of isolation, from guilt to forgiveness. 

4.7 out of 5 stars rating on Amazon - 48 reviews. :)
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