Free eBook Feature ~ I am God: World's Oldest Story

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Free eBook Feature ~ I am God: World's Oldest Story

Author: Rahul Badami
Historical Fiction, Action and Adventure
Price: $0.00 (May 8 to 11)

Book Description ~ I am God: World's Oldest Story
150,000 years ago.
In a land that is now known as Africa.
They think he is the one. He doesn’t think so.
A young man named Ayot has been nominated as the tribe’s God, but is he really one? Will he command the tribe as a surprise pick? Or is he going to be branded as their first failure? To succeed he will have to complete the Tasks of God before the next full moon. The odds are definitely against him, and he doesn’t have a choice.
"Three impossible Tasks. Thirty days to complete. Why was I chosen?"
But he doesn’t have time to dwell on it. In a quest of self-discovery that will propel him across deserts, dense forests, and open savannahs in a frantic race against time to prove his divinity, I am God: World’s Oldest Story will put you firmly in the driver’s seat, as you follow the prehistoric adventures of Ayot.
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I am God: World's Oldest Story

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