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I'm Ara. I do looooove to read. I'm a WAHM and you'd think I'll have more time to read but I've come to realize that it's not the case. 😅😂

Ara of My Book and My Coffee: About Ara
So. When did I start reading? I have to tell you, I'm kind of a late bloomer when it comes to the love for reading. I started to collect and read novels when I was 17. But even before that, I know I enjoyed reading. It's one of the things that made  me really happy (and it still does)

So you know, I was so stoked when I discovered blogging. It was hard at first since I'm also working but if you love something, you gotta find time. I know, easier said than done.

Books I read

When it comes to books and novels I read, I have an open mind. Open to the possibilities. Yes, I still get disappointed over something that I've read but hey, we all have our own taste and take on each plot that we encounter. I love all kinds of novels but my most favorite genres are Mysteries, Thrillers and, Rom-Com with a twist

I love going to a bookstore. I enjoy the feeling I get whenever I'm inside a bookstore. Recently, I was introduced to the amazing world of Amazon Kindle eBooks. With one click, there's my novel - Fun! I also love FREE eBooks / eBook deals (who doesn't anyway?). And you know, I am always on the lookout for these. 

What to expect at My Book and My Coffee

Expect the unexpected? Yes. 👍 I will, of course, post my book reviews, author interviews, and more. I may post some features and other things related to books, reading, and places to read.

I am an Amazon Associate so some links may be affiliate links. The Amazon affiliate program is designed to provide means for sites like this one --- to earn a little advertising fees should you buy anything using my link. 

P.S. I've created a new website to post Free / Discounted eBooks. Kindly visit YourBookGallery.com. Thanks!

My Book and My Coffee: Ara's Message

Ara @ My Book and My Coffee

I'm Ara, a book blogger and reviewer. I love reading and reviewing books. Reading books is one way for me to appreciate different kinds of possibilities and scenarios, a way for me to enter unusual worlds that I may never have imagined, and a way for me to have the indescribable happiness that a good book provides.

I also believe in an honest and good review or sharing what I felt and thought about the books that I've read. I love to share the whole truth of how the story made me laugh, cry, depressed, irritated, gloomy, and basically, how it affected the way I perceive things. I know that what I read is fiction, but nonetheless, many of these fictions are relatable -- could happen in real life, maybe 😉. All of these stories are written by authors and writers who are passionate and have dedicated their creative imagination to come up with their own masterpiece, and you’ll be amazed at what they have to say, what they have to tell, the choice of characters that they present to their readers through their novels and books. 

In short; how they were able to create a whole new world for the readers...You’ll be surprised by each turn of the pages and sometimes, you'll be left mesmerized and thinking... Can that be true or what if it happens to me? 

For me, reading books opens a lot of real life probabilities with lessons learned not just to keep, but to be shared to everyone...

Once again, welcome!