Review Policy

I am NOT accepting review requests at the moment. I still have 10 books in my queue. My apologies.

I wish I can read and review all books that will come my way but I have to be realistic – I’m a WAHM.  But yes, I do have time for reading and reviewing books. My TBR pile is crazy already --- actually more than 10 books in my queue. Anyway, let’s get something straight.

I do accept review requests (sometimes) from authors, publishers and/or publicists. Even though I have a huge TBR pile, if I can review your book,  I will. I'd like to share the following guidelines so you're aware.

FYI: To all my readers, please know that I don’t get paid to post reviews here or anywhere, unless of course, stated otherwise.
  1. Books are reviewed by me (I'm Ara, btw). I post honest reviews. I post what I personally think of what I’ve read. I am an open-minded person though. If you have read my past reviews, you’ll notice that I try and be open to all possibilities. When you send your book for review and I accepted, I hope you don’t get offended if it turns out that I didn’t like your book after reading it. Nothing personal to the author, of course. Please know that sending the free copy of your book does not guarantee that the review will be all positive. 
  2. What genres am I interested in? Take a look!
    • Fiction
      • Chick Lit
      • Mystery
      • Crime
      • Thrillers and Suspense
      • Young Adult
      • New Adult
      • Family Saga
      • General Fiction
      • Horror
      • Humour
      • Romance, even Adult Romance
    Oh, and anything with dogs in it. :) I mentioned the open-mindedness above, and I would love to read all kinds of genres but I have to admit that these are the only ones that I am really interested in. But if you still want me to check out your book even if it’s not under any of the genres above, by all means, send it in. I will check it out and decide from there.  Oh, and it doesn’t matter if the book has been out for a while, or recently published, I will consider the review request if I am interested in it.
  3. Was there a time when I wasn’t able to finish a book because it was realllllllyyy bad? I have to say that I haven’t encountered this situation yet. But I will update this post when I do. But hopefully, this won’t happen to me as I tend to finish almost anything that I’ve started.
  4. Timeframe: This is very crucial, I know. I have a long list of books that I'd like to read. I will definitely let you know when the review is posted or will be posted. If you email your request, please let me know when you need a review by.
  5. Copy of the book: At the moment, I only accept Kindle edition and PDF copy novels. I would love to (I really would love to) get a hard or print copy of books, but with my location, it may not be the best move for the author, publisher or publicist. But if you insist, please email me so I can send you my address. By the way, I intend to keep the copies to myself, and not sell to others. My husband may read it though if he’s interested in it. 👀
  6. Where do I post my review? As of the moment, I only publish my reviews here on my blog. But I do post a snippet of my review to Goodreads, with a link to my site for them to read more. If you want me to post my reviews to Amazon, just let me know.
  7. ARC: I can now accept ARCs but please send the request a month before the actual release date. 
  8. How to contact me for a review request: Review requests can be sent to my email address – or you can just use the form from “Contact Ara”. Due to my day to day freelancing work, and of course, life, I will be able to respond within 48-72 hours. The latest will be in a week’s time. This may change depending on the time of the year (holidays, vacation, etc.) but rest assured that I will politely decline when I won’t be able to read and review your book.

    Please include the following: Your Name / Author’s Name, Book Title, Link to your website, Length, Book Format, Genre and a short description of the book.
  9. If you have other questions or concerns, please feel free to email me at

Thank you!