The Book Reviewer is IN

Welcome to “The Book Reviewer Is IN”  

So what is this feature?  Basically, I wanted to feature or showcase books / eBooks / novels that I have ACCEPTED for review, the ones that I have lined-up to read from my TBR pile (purchased from bookstore, Amazon, etc), or if there are any books that have recently been added to my TBR pile. And I wanted to create my own, so here it is.  This is somehow inspired by Books, Biscuits, and Tea’s “Showcase Sunday”. The owner of the blog is Vicky, and she’s really nice.

Book Meme/Feature: The Book Reviewer is IN

This book meme / feature can be weekly, monthly or everyday (if you want). Anyone can participate. Feel free to join! ;)

So, how can you participate, you ask? ;)

How to join:
1. If you wish to join this meme / feature, please make sure that you link back to this page or to my homepage.
2. Grab “The Book Reviewer is IN” image and include it in your “The Book Reviewer is IN” post.
3. Every other week (or every week), I will post my own “The Book Reviewer is IN” post so if you have participated in the feature / meme, you can enter your blog post link there (at the bottom of the post, there will be a section where you can insert your blog post link).  Don't forget! ;)
4. If there are other participants, please feel free to visit their blogs. This feature/meme is a way for us to showcase our 'stuff', but it will also be one way for us to make friends and visit (and follow) other blogs. It’s always a great time to make friends!

That’s it.

Hope to see you here soon!