Free eBook Feature

This segment is on HIATUS. Thank you
What’s a “Free eBook Feature”?

The Free eBook Feature is a segment on my blog that presents or highlights a certain eBook / Kindle Book that’s free on Amazon for a limited time. I created this feature as I wanted to help authors out there and I think that offering this – for free – will help them promote their books. 

Free eBook Feature

"I’m an author. What do I need to do to have my book featured @ My Book and My Coffee website when it’s going to be free on Amazon?"

For authors and publishers who wish to have their free eBook (Kindle or any format) featured here on my blog, you can send your requests here: Please make sure that you send in your requests a week (or two) before the eBook is going to be free so I’ll have time to do the post. I’ll do my best to entertain all requests.

Here are the details that I need from you.
  • Title of the eBook/s
  • Link to Amazon
  • Author name
  • Genre
  • Date/s the eBook/s will be free
  • Book Description (can be optional as I can get this info from Amazon)

That’s it! Thank you. Have fun!

Oh, by the way, I will do my best to entertain all requests. But in case your book wasn't featured, it may mean three things. Your email request went to my spam box OR I was out for a vacation OR I simply didn't have the time anymore. I do try my best to check my spam box regularly but sometimes, I just don't really remember to check. I allot time to create feature posts but sometimes, due to family matters (family should come first) or work, I am not able to do so. I do hope you understand.

Also, I don't feature erotica novels. Thank you.

Disclaimer: While I am a book blogger and reviewer, this promotion does NOT mean that it will have an influence on my book reviews. I am not sure what the connection is, actually, but I wanted to be clear on that. :)