Hiatus: Free and Bargain eBook Feature

by - Thursday, May 02, 2013

Apparently, this is inevitable. As you know, I have two active segments here at My Book and My CoffeeFree eBook Feature and Bargain eBook Feature. Sadly, I need to stop doing them for now. How long? I am not sure. I am not really sure. But I know that I will be doing this again. Just not sure when.

The reason why? To be honest, I love doing this but unfortunately, due to some unexpected changes (in my life), I won’t have the time anymore. :(

Time. It’s a tricky thing.

Due to this, I won’t be accepting submissions starting today. I will still be publishing “Free eBook Feature” and “Bargain eBook Feature” posts for the whole month of May as I’ve already received submissions. I’ll be sure to schedule, post, and promote as usual. 

This is NOT goodbye for My Book and My Coffee blog though. This is still a book review blog. I will be posting book reviews and articles in the very near future. The blog is not on hiatus. Just the two segments.

Thanks lovelies. :)

Ara of My Book and My Coffee

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