Guest Post (+ FREE eBook): BFF or Frenemy by Lorraine Campbell and Pam Burks

by - Friday, August 02, 2013

Happy Weekend, lovelies! :) Today, I am very happy to introduce Lorraine Campbell and Pam Burks, author of When Good Friends Go Bad (which is actually free this weekend in honor of National Friendship Day). They have prepared a friend-themed guest post that I'm sure you will find interesting. 

You'll definitely enjoy this one... I DID! :)

Girlfriends are loyal, caring and support you through the hard times. You share secrets, heartbreaks, weep on each other’s shoulders. But what if it all goes wrong? What happens when you suspect she no longer has your best interests at heart?  In other words…When Good Friends Go Bad?

Here are a few signs that it’s time to let her go.
  1. She’s been texting your boyfriend – and NOT to arrange your surprise birthday party.
  2. She forwards your gossipy, bitchy, wildly indiscrete email to her entire contact list.
  3. She chooses the fanciest restaurants, orders the most expensive wine and sticks you with the bill.
  4. She shoplifts while you’re with her and gets you both arrested.
  5. She crashes your car while drunk then blithely admits she has no insurance.
  6. She uses you as her alibi then reveals to the world that the two of you were lying.
  7. She posts a horrendous photo of you cross-eyed drunk – and uses it as her screensaver.
  8. She offers to babysit for your vital meeting and cancels just as you’re leaving the house. 
  9. She makes a pass at your dad… in front of your mum.
  10. She dates your brother and breaks his heart.
  11. You can never get through on her cellphone – the bitch has blocked you.
  12. She’s unfriended you from Facebook – do you need more clues? 
About the Author:

We are Lorraine Campbell and Pam Burks, two (of four) sisters separated by the Atlantic Ocean and now connected as xco-authors of Ellie Campbell, an excuse for endless phone conversations and countless daily emails.  Our novels How To Survive Your Sisters and When Good Friends Go Bad, published by Arrow (UK) and available world-wide, were recently launched by Amazon in the USA, along with our latest, Looking For La La (which just reached #1 in Kindle Free Top 100 bestsellers.)  We are equally passionate about writing, travel, horses, dogs, and the great outdoors.  Originally from Scotland, Pam now lives in Reigate, not far from London, with fitness-obsessed husband, three grown children and a Norfolk Terrier, while Lorraine is on a 10 acre Colorado ranch near wild and wonderful Boulder with her amazingly-tolerant spouse, three white horses, five cats, one black fuzzy whoodle dog and ten chickens.  We both believe in enjoying life to the fullest, be it digging up carrots in the allotment, listening to audio books while scooping manure in the corrals, or going on a trail ride in the beautiful Rocky Mountains.   And we’re utterly convinced all our problems can be solved by a glass of wine, a bar of chocolate and a good laugh with friends.

You can find them at their website, Facebook and Twitter.

More about their book, When Good Friends Go Bad. It's FREE from August 2 to 4.

Can you ever learn to forgive and forget?

All through school, tomboy Jen, snobby Georgina, hippy Meg and gentle Rowan, were inseparable. Until, that is, the unfortunate consequences of a childish prank tore them apart. As adults an attempted reunion went disastrously wrong. Rowan failed to appear. Meg behaved outrageously and - sharpest cut of all - Jen discovered just how deeply Georgina had betrayed her.

So now, a mother herself, in the midst of divorce, the last thing Jen needs is a call from Meg. Or is it? Will Meg’s strange mission to track down the missing Rowan re-open old wounds or is it a chance to heal the rift – or to recover Jen’s never-forgotten, first true love? As their quest unearths secrets and feelings best left buried, Jen, Meg and Georgina will be tested on love, loyalty, and friendship, discover the truth about Rowan – and wake a danger that threatens them all.

Ara of My Book and My Coffee

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  1. Thank you so much, Ara. This looks fabulous!

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    1. You are very welcome :D I had fun. Thanks soooo much for letting me know. :D Happy National Friendship Day to all of us :D