Author Spotlight: L. A. Cadieux

by - Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Welcome to my first ever Author Spotlight post! :) I am very happy to introduce L.A. Cadieux to all of you, lovelies! She is the author of the newly released young adult novel, One Life

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Author of One Life - L.A. Cadieux
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Keeping busy isn’t a problem for L. A. Cadieux as she balances a hectic life as a mom of two, plus her career as an IT project manager and newly published author—but she wouldn’t have it any other way. 

As a child known for struggling with spelling, she wouldn’t have guessed her passion would become writing—her family would have probably hedged their bets she would take after her grandmother and turn a painting/drawing hobby into something special. But becoming a painter wasn’t to be, not when L. A. had the soul of a storyteller lurking inside…waiting to make a grand entrance when the time was right. Always a bit of a dreamer, she liked to imagine the grand adventures she’d have one day—all while growing up happily as the middle child of three girls on a farm in northeastern Alberta, Canada. Deep down, she had a thirst to see the world and obtain a higher education.

L. A. Cadieux didn’t start to write until in her early twenties after graduating from with a Bachelors of Management, specializing in Business Economics. She moved to Calgary and a couple years later set a personal goal to be published before 30. She turns 31 in September. With the release of her debut novel ONE LIFE, Cadieux reminds readers that with hard work and a never say can’t attitude, you really can achieve any dream. Her debut novel ONE LIFE released June 20, 2014.

Her second manuscript was inspired by popular children’s stories like The Secret Garden & Bridge to Terabitha. ONE LIFE is a paranormal adventure/romance story about sixteen year-old Teddy Owens and her ability to save one person from death – Teddy was lovingly named after the Theodore “Laurie” Laurence character in Louisa May Alcott’s Little Women. With a mix of romance and action, this story wants to grab you from the first sentence and hold on until the end.

When it came to succeeding with her writing, L. A. Cadieux took the rough and winding road but she believes it’s hard to appreciate success without knowing what it feels like to have failed. She believes any low point in her journey was important for creative growth – though it was difficult to appreciate the value in those moments after receiving yet another rejection. She is thankful this chapter of her life had a happy ending.

L. A. Cadieux is a social media-aholic born in Lac La Biche, AB living in Calgary, Canada. Since childhood, she was mesmerized by stories of fairy tales, knights, Greek and Roman mythology and comic book heroes. Creative, yet business minded, she went on to earn a Degree in Management from the University of Alberta Augustana, specializing in Business Economics.  She is a Project Manager by day (in IT) and by night works on her stories. After shelving some of her earlier manuscripts she decided to focus on ONE LIFE, the first in a series of Teddy Owens Stories.  As a proud mom of two – she spends her days and nights multi-tasking. 

Random facts: Tim Hortons coffee and ketchup chips are her vices. She is a fan of the HBO and CW Networks. Her favorite book is Jane Austen’s PRIDE & PREJUDICE.


More about her book: 

One Life by L. A. Cadieux

Intent on leaving her troubled childhood in the past, snow-obsessed sixteen year old Teddy Owens has moved from Texas to her uncle's secluded Rocky Mountain estate—a beautiful place, but colder than she imagined. Curious about her surroundings she ignores the persistent advice of new friends and digs around to uncover the allure of the mysterious estate—only to discover her friends have terrifying secrets of their own. With each new revelation, Teddy is thrust further into a clandestine underworld where she is hunted for her dormant supernatural power…the ability to save just one person from death.

After her family's sordid history of betrayal is unearthed, Teddy’s world is rocked when she must travel to New York City and take an oath promising her power to an arrogant heir of the underworld, Leevi Koivu. Can she trust him?

And in the end someone she loves, but cannot save, will die.
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