Book Review: The Night I Got Lucky by Laura Caldwell

by - Monday, June 11, 2012

Title: The Night I Got Lucky
Author: Laura Caldwell
Genre: Chick Lit / Contemporary
Form: Paperback
Publisher: Red Dress Ink

The Night I Got Lucky ~ Book Description:

So, wishes do come true … Especially for Billy Rendall.  She has an almost perfect life – Almost.  Of course, she wants everything in her life to be absolutely perfect (“Who wouldn’t, right?”, one would think.)  She suddenly gets everything that she wants; The perfect husband, the VP promotion, Co-worker (Billy’s office harmless crush) flirts back, and family issues gone.  But for some reason, these wishes turn out to be more than what she need.  Well, at least everything is great, right?  Or is it?

How did this happen?  How did she get everything that she wanted?  Well, it was stupid and annoying but ‘clever’ frog's fault.  And no, there was no kissing involved.

What I think about ‘The Night I Got Lucky’

“Unbelievably entertaining. I also love the fact that we can all learn something from the main character’s experience.”My Book and My Coffee

I really enjoyed reading this book.  I certainly love Laura Caldwell’s idea and writing.  She did her best, I can tell, to create a novel that reflects what, let’s just say, a normal person’s desires – openly and secretly.  I say normal person and not normal woman like Billy here, as I believe these wishes are very common, therefore, what happened to Billy can happen (hypothetically) to any person – man or woman.

My copy of "The Night I Got Lucky"
My copy of "The Night I Got Lucky"
I have to say that it’s a little predictable when Billy realizes that she didn’t actually need what she wanted.  I mean, that’s what happens to most of us, right?  We sometimes wish that things were different in our lives but when suddenly, we were put in a position where we can achieve everything, or the minute that we get everything that we thought we wanted, most of us will realize that we don’t really want and need these things at all, and that we could be happy to stay right where we were before all the changes happened.  Anyway, I may be babbling here but even then, I still love that certain part of the book, and wouldn’t want it any other way. ;)

There’s one thing that surprised me here.  While I was reading “The Night I Got Lucky”, I kept on thinking and actually looking forward to the part where she will wake up and suddenly, she’s back from where it all started, and she will be satisfied with her life instead of wanting all those things.  But that was not the case, and it was a bit scary as it means that what she has is the real thing, this is not a dream, and mistakes cannot be undone.  Anyway, I felt scared for Billie, err Billy. 

Overall, I love how the story wrapped up for Billy.  I love that she learned (and we can all learn) that sometimes, the definition of perfect depends on the person. 

Oh, I am definitely looking forward to read other Laura Caldwell books.  This is my first of her books.  Her creativity and imagination astound me.

The Night I Got Lucky by Laura Caldwell is available in Paperback - $10.73 

Buy the Kindle eBook here: The Night I Got Lucky by Laura Caldwell Kindle Price: $2.99

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