Book Review: Wash and Die by Barbara Colley

by - Friday, June 08, 2012

Title: Wash and Die
Author: Barbara Colley
Genre: Mystery
Form: Hardcover (my copy)

Wash and Die (A Charlotte LaRue Mystery) Hardcover:

After a disturbing house visit from a real estate agent in the morning before going to work, and a very long day, Charlotte LaRue, owner of “Maid-for-a-Day”, a house cleaning service, comes home, noticing that she is not alone.  A woman is sitting on the front-porch swing.  Not just anyone woman though, it’s Joyce Thibodeaux.

Joyce is Louis Thibodeaux’s (Charlotte’s tenant) ex-wife.  And the story there didn’t really end well.  Joyce is an alcoholic, a drunk.  And she’s put almost everyone in her life in misery.  She was forced to enter a program to help her get better, and now she’s claiming to be clean and sober, and nowhere else to go.  Uh, oh!

Charlotte knows that agreeing to let Joyce stay in her guest room is a bad idea especially after she discovers some lies, a valuable gold watch gone missing, a stranger watching her house, her parakeet also missing, and Joyce ending up dead in her now messy living room.  Charlotte also knows that she has to find some answers; a little snoopin’ around will do.  It’s scary particularly after what she has discovered, but then she’s just getting started …

What I think about ‘Wash and Die’

“I love everything about this book – the twists and turns are well written.  A page turner.” My Book and My Coffee

“Wash and Die” is the seventh Charlotte LaRue Mystery; there are currently eight books under this series.  I haven’t read all of them yet, but after reading this book, I intend to read the others.  I am charmed by Charlotte LaRue’s character.  If this character existed in real life, I would not suspect her to be a sleuth at all but Barbara Colley did a very good job in creating this curious and often has interesting thoughts character.

I love reading different genres – but one of my favorites is Mystery.  Ohhh, I love, love a very good mystery.  Keeps me guessing and thinking, “Hmmm, is he the killer?”, “No, he can’t be the one; he’s the shy type”.  Some mysteries are very obvious, but this one kept me guessing which is really impressive.  

Another thing, I super love the book cover.  They said that you shouldn’t judge a book by its cover.  This holds true in this case.  The book cover is really good, I thought it will be really good, but what’s inside is so much better!  I definitely recommend this book to everyone who fancies mystery and amateur sleuthing escapades.  

Buy the Kindle eBook here: Wash and Die
Kindle Price: $2.99

'Wash and Die' by Barbara Colley is also available in Mass Market Paperback  - $6.10

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