Book Review: The Hour of Predators by Lane Stark

by - Monday, November 19, 2012

Author: Lane Stark
Genre: Mystery
Form: Kindle edition

Book Description ~ The Hour of Predators (A Marcus Chao Mystery)

Book Review: The Hour of Predators by Lane Stark

“It was the hour of prowling bears, circling nightowls, vengeful spirits, and savage hearts. It was the hour of predators.”

Two murders have shocked and divided the Canadian community of Bella Coola, a small, isolated village in a remote river valley on the coast of British Columbia. The evidence points to a teenaged Nuxalk boy, and the simmering tension between whites and tribe members heats up. To find the truth RCMP Inspector Marcus Chao must sort through misleading clues, cultural conflicts, tangled relationships, sexual scandals, and even indications that the crimes might have been committed by a sorcerer.

Marcus is a man whose life has skidded into remorse and misery. His own infidelity has ended his marriage to the woman he still loves, and now he finds himself with only two things to keep his sinking spirits afloat: the need to serve justice and his eternal fascination with solving the mystery of the crime. This latest puzzle, however, is proving to be a maze of intrigue and suspense, and his mettle as a detective as well as his principles will be tested.

The Hour of Predators Book Review

“Well-written mystery. An extraordinary mystery novel that will definitely keep you at the edge of your seat. Well done. I am thankful that I don’t live in Bella Coola though. :)Ara of My Book and My Coffee

The Hour of Predators is a unique story; a unique mystery novel that I think is really well-written. The plot is unbelievably brilliant. I mean, if you’re into mystery novels, you’ll indubitably love this book, too. I’m sure of that. It’ll keep you guessing. While I was reading the book, I couldn’t help but try to solve the puzzle myself. Who was responsible for those murders? I mean, that’s the whole mystery there. Who has been murdering those people? And why? How? And why was it so easy? Anyway, I didn’t really have an idea. If you’ve read the book description above, indeed, there were misleading clues which made the whole thing complicated - but the complications made the whole mystery so effective. And that’s a really good thing. The author did a really good job. It is so brilliant and utterly refreshing.

In this book, I was introduced to a different kind of culture. This culture and the conflicts that came with it added ‘spice’ to the whole story. Aside from the murder mystery, you’ll also be introduced to the different and sometimes surprising news or facts from the people living there. Small village but again, I wouldn’t want to live there, in Bella Coola. You’ll know what I mean.

I didn’t have a favorite character though. It’s weird. I mean, I liked Marcus Chao, the inspector and also the protagonist, but I felt that I needed more WOW factor from him... or something like that. Maybe it's just me and maybe it doesn't matter at all. He has his moments, of course. I liked his way of solving the mystery. He is thorough, that’s for sure. But I just thought that there should be more from him (or maybe I'm asking too much?). :) I also liked Gemma’s character, the inspector’s wife. But I didn’t care about their relationship at all. No spark there. But that’s alright as that was not the focus there.

Claire is one of the important characters in the book. I felt sorry for Claire’s character; she is so beautiful and yet … Oh, well. She’s intelligent but with tainted innocence. Oh, poor Claire. The rest of the characters are also important. More important than you would think, actually.

I didn’t expect the ending to be that way though. I liked the ending, don’t get me wrong. You must think I’m over analyzing. But I wanted something to happen before the story ended - to one of the characters (I won’t say who as it will give away something). I just thought that things could have been easier for him (or her) if certain facts were explained to him (or her). So that person can go on with his/her life without the nightmare from his or her past. That’s all I can say. I may not make sense to you now, but you’ll know what I mean once you read the book. :)

I would definitely recommend this book, The Hour of Predators. It’s a mystery novel, but far from the usual. I don’t want to give any more details as I’m afraid I would be giving out spoilers already. But lovelies, you will love this book especially if you’re a mystery lover.

About the Author: 

Lane Stark ~ author of The Hour of Predators
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Lane Stark has had three enduring passions through her life: travel, art, and the written word. She has traveled the world, lived abroad in both Europe and Asia, and experienced many cultures. She holds a B.A. and M.A. in linguistics, has studied eight languages, and recently ended a career as a graphic artist. She has now turned her creative attentions to full-time writing and leisure-time photography. Travel provides a wealth of inspiration for books, and she finds herself weaving tales around the people she meets and the places she explores. She and her husband have indulged their love of the vagabond life by moving into an RV full-time and following the roadways to new adventures. She is currently working on a second novel featuring RCMP Inspector Marcus Chao, A Premature Death.

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